Chimney Chase Replacement

Chimney Issues?

If you call a chimney repair company or your local contractor to see what can be done about your chimney issues, they will likely tell you that the chimney needs repair, just like an dentist will tell you that you need braces.  Repair is usually the first option. The second option is removal. If a chimney is badly deteriorated, it may make more sense to just tear the chimney down below the roof line and replace the chimney instead of repairing the deteriorated section that sticks up above the roof line.  The benefits of doing this are less exterior maintenance, lower repair costs, and less chance for leakage at the roof.  Chimneys are known for leaks, through the top and through the roof flashing. At HomeTown Roofing, we will determine if your chimney needs to be repaired or replaced based on your chimney’s condition. Call us for a free inspection today!