What makes up a roof?

There’s a lot more to roofing than just installing new shingles! Trussing, insulation, decking, ice and water shield, drip edge, felt/synthetic underlayment, starter shingles, flashing, metal valleys, pipe boots, chimney caps, chimney stacks, and ventilation systems all work in concert to protect your home, safely.

What work will my roof need?

The majority of roofing projects we undertake are relatively simple: the old shingles, ridge vent, underlayment, and drip edge get torn off and thrown in a dumpster. The decking is cleaned free of debris, de-nailed, and inspected. If the decking looks good, we install all brand new materials! We don’t forget the metal valleys!


Will I need new decking?

Probably not. Decking costs can add up on a roof, so we make every effort to only replace decking where and when you need it. Mold in the attic, the roof sagging, or the decking feeling “soft” underfoot during the inspection are all signs that a re-deck is unavoidable. But truly, the only way to know is to pull up the shingles to see what lies beneath.


Roof decking at HomeTown!

We typically include ten sheets (4′ x 8′) of installed OSB with each of our roofing proposals. In the rare event that you will need more than ten sheets of decking installed, we include a per-board rate in the proposal to make sure you’re only billed for exactly what gets installed, and at a fair, pre-arranged price.

It's the little things...

Going the extra mile (like painting chimney and pipe stacks, gable vents, and fascia replacement) to give you a clean, cohesive look to your roof is one of the things that sets HomeTown Roofing apart from the rest. We know you want more than just new shingles – you want the roof you imagined.