What types of ventilation do you install?

We install and replace:

  • soffit vents
  • ridge vents
  • can vents
  • whole house solar fans
  • turbine vents
  • ea vents

Contact us now to discuss which types are appropriate for your roofing needs.


What is ventilation?

Ventilation simply refers to the air that moves through the roof, but it does two important jobs:  it removes heat and moisture from the roof. Although there are a variety of solutions available, the majority of our projects require only a relatively simple system of soffit vents and ridge vents to achieve the building code standard of 1/300 ratio.

What is ridge vent/soffit vent?

Ridge vent is installed along the ridge line at the top of the roof. Soffit vents are installed beneath the eaves at the bottom of the roof. Air flows from the soffit vents, (intake) out the ridge vent, (exhaust) at the top of the roof. Occasionally it’s necessary to open or close off gable vents to achieve proper ventilation. We have solutions for that, too!

What about ventilation systems?

A roof needs to be properly ventilated to help prevent moisture problems like mold and mildew. Proper ventilation can also prolong the life of the shingles, prevent our famous Michigan ice dams in the winter, and reduce your summer cooling energy costs. It pays to know your ventilation!